Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Is MBA considered adequate enough to enter into a PhD? Or is an MA or MSc required? Some consider MBA a professional degree and not an Academic degree.

From the link:

Many, but by no means all, PhD / doctorate programs require that the student have earned a Master degree first. There are a moderate percentage of such schools, perhaps one-fourth to one-third, that do not consider an MBA degree as meeting their Master's degree requirement for entry into a doctoral program.

They argue that the MBA is a professional degree, not an academic one, and that the main reason for earning a doctorate is to enter the academic world. Accordingly, this minority of schools says that people planning eventually to earn a doctorate should do an MA or an MS in finance or marketing or economics or other business field, but not the more general MBA. But the remaining two-thirds to three-fourths of doctoral programs do consider an MBA as meeting their Master's requirement.

Accordingly, if going on to a particular doctoral program is a possibility, it would be appropriate to learn the policy of that doctoral school in this regard.

You need to decide: Whether you plan to go on for a doctorate. If so, you need to be sure that the degree you get will suit your needs. If you have any questions, ask an admissions counselor whether holders of that degree have gone on to doctoral studies, and at what schools. If you know the school at which you intend to earn that doctorate, ask them whether the MBA is acceptable.


  1. There are some Universities which are accepting just MBA degrees but some, according to my blog do not accept just this degree but they demand MS as well and this needs another one year in your studies.

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