Sunday, May 20, 2012

Random post from the web about PhD after MBA

From the link:

  • We shall discuss PhD in some field of business here...
  • If we are talking about a business PhD then there is no cost of getting a PhD (except opportunity costs, of course) since the school will pay for the PhD student's tuition plus a living stipend (around $2k per month for 9 months).
  • In fact, most PhDs in all subjects are free, and if they aren't then the school probably doesn't want you all that badly.
  • The best part about a PhD in business is that there are far too many job openings compared to the number of graduates (not true in other fields, where the number of graduates is greater than available jobs), and salaries for new PhDs is well over $100k.
  • The average salary for business PhD graduates coming from the school I attend in the last 4 years is around $150k per year (this includes all fields in business).
  • There is certainly much more information about acquiring a PhD and the positives and negatives, but I'm not sure what you are looking for, exactly.
  • Perhaps try searching the internet for some specifics or looking at school websites, since there is a lot of info out there on PhD grad school.

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