Saturday, June 22, 2013

Sample job posting for a research assistant

There are so many expectations of a research assistant, these days !!! Do they want a human or a SUPERHUMAN?!!!

Here is a sample job posting with requirements listed:

The successful applicant will possess at minimum a Secondary school diploma and/or Special Courses in the following fields:
·      Statistics
·       Biostatistics
·       Systems engineering
·       Psychology
·       Neuro-Psychiatry
·       Genetics
·       Epidemiology
·       Related health studies
·       Excellent computer skills
·       Ability to perform statistical analyses 
·       Preference will be given to applicants with:
·       Previous research experience
·       Hands on experience with MS Access
·       Statistical analysis software SAS,
·       Pedigree-drawing program Progeny and
·       Familiarity with medical terminology                                 
·       Successful applicants will have
·       Excellent communication
·       Organizational
·       Analytical skills
·       Clinical / research experience
·       Be highly accurate in their work, able to
·       Pay high attention to detail, and able to
·       Work well in a fast-paced environment
·       Independently as well as
·       Part of a team
·       Proficiency in Access, SAS & Visual Basic,
·       WordPerfect, Excel, Outlook, Power Point.
·       Some knowledge of SQL language and Progeny or Cyrillic is preferred.
·      MEDLINE research and web site development experience would be assets.
·       Bilingualism (French/English) and/or proficiency in a second language would be an asset.


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